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Equine Sports Message Therapist

Bluffdale UT | 801-834-8888
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Tendons are an extension of the muscle and anchor the muscle to the bone.


The tendons of many muscles extend across one or more joints. If the muscle is impaired, the tendon will also be, which greatly raises the risk of injury.


Massage can improve the health and function of the muscles and reduce the risk of injury.

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Up to 50 percent of your horse's body weight is made up of muscle alone.


How the horse moves and uses itself, blood flow, how their joints function, how the horse contacts the ground, lymph movement, ease of movement, all depend on how well your horse’s muscles are functioning.


Massage is the only therapy that physically manipulates the muscles, fascia and skin to ease tight, sore muscles,  lengthens and supples myofascia, frees painful nerves, improves circulation, increases range of motion and brings balance  back to the body.



A full-body massage can improve digestion by increasing the release of enzymes essential for healthy digestion and stimulating the motion of the intestine, and its contents, to move along.

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