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Rick & Sheri Young | Bluffdale UT

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We sell and endorse products we use and believe in:

  • Custom Gemstone & Turquoise Tack

  • HorseLogicProfessional - A full line of horse health products. Established in 1946 and operates today with the same philosophy to source the finest quality ingredients, mix them with painstaking care,  offer them at a fair price and stand behind them 100%. 

  • AcuLife - Patches stimulate nerves and points on the skin to produce health benefits and manage pain and inflammation. We use these on our horses and ourselves. They work.

  • Website Design - I'm self-taught and know just enough to be dangerous. Let us help you grow your business with a personalized website that's easy to update and maintain. 


Work hard, be honest, make family a priority and opportunity will find you ~ make your own luck! 


We've been blessed to have bred, bought and borrowed some amazing horses and we've made great friends along the way.


Linsey & Jackie are Utah High School Rodeo State Finals Qualifiers 4 years each.

Jackie - UBRA 2004 3D Champion, UBRA 2005 Pole Champion. Biggest accomplishment: OAKLEE

Linsey - UBRA 2010 Pole Champion.


Jackie 2020 Salina
Linsey and Betty
Cody & Mac

Linsey & Addie St George 11/18/11

Jackie & Stevie

2015-09-29_08-40-28 Lewie
Sheri & Taz
Peggy 2

Jackie & Stevie

2010 UBRA Finals

Jackie & Linsey


Sweet Oaklee


Linsey, UBRA Banquet

Reno 2005

La Mega Bucks ~ Otis

Jackie UBRA Banquet

Doc & Sheri

Rick the Elk Hunter



Linsey & Cody

Jackie & Stevie


Cody the Rocket

Mr Docs Acacio - KC

Otis & Ashley 2009

Linsey & Taz

Brat Children

Canelo - Workin the Rail

UBRA 40-something Rookie 2007

Sweet Young Girls

Linsey's First Check

St George 2006

Linsey & Tiger



Sweet Smoke Wagon (Pistol) By Sweetshot Playgun

Kaki Herring & Glos Makin Music ~ DOC

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